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  • Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

    Hi.  I realize this might be off-topic a bit, but I want to be able to use jical to generate an ifb file (already done), publish that file to an HTTP server (already done), add a free/busy URL to an evolution contact (already done), and then view the user's free/busy information when I go to schedule a meeting with him/her (can't figure this part out).

    Does anyone have this working?  Or is there some magick spell I can conjure to get this working?  =:/


    • Stuart Guthrie

      Stuart Guthrie - 2003-02-13

      In the evolution 'contacts' area, open the contact card for your associate and look at the 'collaboration' tab folder. Enter the HTTP://website/person.ifb URL.

      Now book a meeting with them by creating a diary event then selecting the Action/Schedule Meeting from the menus on the appointment. Now invite your associates from your contacts. Note: you will not be able to invite them unless they have and entered email address!! This one caught me out before but it is logical actually. Once invited there is a view of their busy time in blue as you scroll across.

      This is all covered in the evolution help files but this comment might save you some time.




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