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Using the ifb info with Outlook

Rich Ramos
  • Rich Ramos

    Rich Ramos - 2003-03-25

    Can someone point me at the info that tells me how to get Outlook to use the .ifb file that JiCal generates?


    • Stuart Guthrie

      Stuart Guthrie - 2003-03-26

      Best way is to suck in a vCard which already includes a free busy URL pointing at the freebusy time. Mine is available on-line for you to tinker with. Download it from the below address, save it to disk then import it into outlook.

      Outlook will import my card as a contact record. You should now be able to book a meeting with me and see my free/busy time.

      To do this for your contact list. If someone has a free/busy file on-line on a web server, simply include that information in the relevant part of outlook contact record (collaboration in Evolution is the tab folder name) and you should see their busy/time.  Outlook uses this info when creating its busy time blocked out in the meeting arranger thingo.  There are examples of what it looks like for other users on the website.




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