#7 Will Applet need javax.jdo and org.apache.batik.dom packages


In the future, will Draw Applet need javax.jdo and
org.apache.batik.dom packages?
It seems that the javax.jdo and org.apache are not
included in jre1.4.
This will make the applet size real big and increase
the loading time.


  • Wolfram Kaiser

    Wolfram Kaiser - 2004-03-12

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    JDO and Batik are optional features/previews currently for
    using JHotDraw together with a database and for SVG support.
    It is not planned to include them in every jar. The
    build.xml provided can be configured to include or exclude
    these classes. More precisely, the build process should
    detect itself whether JDO and Batik jars are present in the
    classpath and determine whether a jar file containing the
    corresponding JHotDraw classes is created. There should be
    no necessary link between those components in JHotDraw that
    use JDO or Batik and those which do not use them. Thus, the
    functionality for using JDO or Batik is usually configurable
    by using or not using the provided classes.

  • Wolfram Kaiser

    Wolfram Kaiser - 2004-03-12
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mrfloppy
    • status: open --> closed

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