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JHoney 1.00 stable released

JHoney 1.00 stable has now been released! A lot of GUI changes and bugfixes has been made. Be sure to upgrade to this version!

Posted by Johan 2004-12-21

JHoney 0.42 released

The development of JHoney has been down for a while, but now I've made a new release. News are that the webserver now requires login, and some bugs in the process handling has been fixed.

Posted by Johan 2004-12-12

JHoney 0.38 released

Added a lot of functionality for blacklisting an IP address.JHoney now uses a simple script that allows the user to execute commands, adding entries to textfiles and removing entries from textfiles. JHoney now works with firewalls supporting blacklisting by executing commands as well as firewalls supporting blacklisting by entries in textfiles.

Posted by Johan 2004-07-18

JHoney 0.35 released

Version 0.35 of JHoney is now released. Some bugs were fixed and a functionality for cleaning up the log files were added.

Posted by Johan 2004-07-16

JHoney 0.31 Released

The first usable version of JHoney is now released! JHoney is a honeypot tool for Linux. It is used to trick hackers to attack simulated network services. An attack to a simulated service results in logging the attacker IP and block all further traffic from the attackers address. Read more at the website

Posted by Johan 2004-07-14