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  • Michael LeMay

    Michael LeMay - 2007-04-25


    Thanks for putting together this piece of software, it looks very well-engineered and extensible!  It's unfortunate that it hasn't been downloaded very many times, but I'm sure that will change over time as people add more hardware support to it.  I am attempting to run jHomeNet from Eclipse, since the raw Ant command-line option didn't work for me (kept reporting strange errors about non-parameterizable enums even after I upgraded the source level to 1.5 and 1.6 in the build.xml).  However, I now encounter the following when starting the server:

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown plug-in ID jhomenet.server.plugin.console provided for extension point main-console-plugin
        at Source)
        at jhomenet.server.plugin.ConsoleCommandPluginLoader.load(
        at jhomenet.server.console.ConsoleService.serviceIsInitializing(
        at jhomenet.commons.service.AbstractExecutableService.initializeService(Unknown Source)
        at jhomenet.server.ServiceManager.initServices(
        at jhomenet.server.boot.ServiceManagerBootTask.execute(
        at jhomenet.server.boot.BootTaskManager.execute(
        at jhomenet.server.JHomeNetServer.startServer(
        at jhomenet.server.JHomeNetServer.main(

    Any clue what the issue is?  I manually copied all the directories except "test" from resources to src, which is my working directory.  I'm using JDK 1.6.  Thanks!

    • David H. Irwin

      David H. Irwin - 2007-04-28

      Hmm, that's an interesting one. I'll take a look at it this weekend and try to provide some type of fix.

      By the way, thanks for the positive feedback. I've been working on the persistence layer design lately (using Hibernate) and it's been a bit frustrating. Look for a new release within the next month.


    • David H. Irwin

      David H. Irwin - 2007-04-28


      Could you post or include the following to help:

      - The exact output during the attempted source build. On my development machine, running "ant" from the command line will build the entire application including copying any of the required configuration and image files. You can then run the application by using the "server.bat" file. You shouldn't have to copy any files yourself. When you run the application using the said "server.bat" file, it runs the compiled source files from the <root dir>\build\classes directory. You might try running "ant build-clean" to for a clean build.

      - The log4j logs during the execution of the application (again, simply using the included "server.bat" batch file).

      FYI, after running Ant I have the following folder structure in the <root dir>\build\classes folder:

      conf\ images\ jhomenet\ lib\ logs\ persistence\ plugins\ resources\ test\


    • Michael LeMay

      Michael LeMay - 2007-05-02

      First of all, I apologize for the late response.  I had expected SF to notify me of responses, but apparently it doesn't.

      I forgot to mention that I am running Fedora Core 6 Linux.  Is there a Linux equivalent to server.bat that you would like me to run?  Perhaps these are cross-platform issues.

    • David H. Irwin

      David H. Irwin - 2007-05-04

      No problem. I noticed that you have to select the "monitor this forum" option in order to receive notifications of any posts to this forum.

      In any case, most of my development has been in a Windows environment, but I've been meaning to check the compatibility on Linux. At this moment I don't have an equivalent "server.bat" file for Linux although I'll try putting one together. The bigger issue that I haven't worked on either is getting the 1-Wire drivers to work under Linux. In Windows, Dallas Semiconductor provides a free 1-Wire SDK (including drivers) on Windows but not for Linux. I'll try to work on this area in the next week or so.



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