jGuard v0.70.1 final released!

jGuard v0.70.1 final released!

the jGuard team is pleased to announce a new 'stable' release(v0.71) of the java security library called jGuard(http://www.jguard.net).

this library is build on top of jaas, for J2EE web applications.
his goal is to provide for webapp developers, an easy way to manage authentication and authorizations.

this version is a bug fix release.
changes since the 0.70 release:
- fix bug [ 1403339 ] misspelled initialization on SubjectTemplate
=>thanks to Manuel Castro
- fix bug when multiple webapps are protected by jGuard on the same server
=> thanks to Andrew Bartkiv

the main jGuard features are :
- relies only on java 1.4 and j2ee 1.3 or higher
- audit
- can be adapted on any webapp, on any application server
- fit smoothly on webapps which works with legacy servletRequest methods (isUserInRole)
- support multiple role inheritance
- does not depend on a web framework, or an AOP framework
- build on top of the very secure and flexible JAAS(http://java.sun.com/products/jaas/)
- authentications and authorizations are handled by pluggable mechanisms
- changes take effects 'on the fly' (dynamic configuration)
- provides a registration api
- each webapp has its own authentications and authorizations configuration
- authentications can be configured through XML or databases (Oracle, MySQL,PostgreSQL)
- support encryption in authentication
- authorizations can be configured through XML or databases(Oracle, MySQL,PostgreSQL)
- a taglib is provided to protect jsp fragment
- support security manager
- support FORM,BASIC or CLIENT_CERT authentication
- support CRL and OCSP certificate mechanism
- "transparent" security control propagation

a webapp example(called 'jGuardExample') is provided to quickly test jGuard (via Xml configuration files, or Database with SQL scripts provided).
you can find
documentation is provided at the officiel jGuard web site: http://www.jguard.net .

jGuard is released under the LGPL licence.

every users and project members are welcomed!

the jGuard web site:

the jGuard homePage on sourceforge:

jGuard forums are open:

easy JAAS integration for j2ee has gone!

Charles GAY(jGuard team).

Posted by Charles Lescot 2006-01-14

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