Running applications based on JG

  • christian kanele

    I wonder whether there are applications out in the Internet which base on JGuard?
    Any known?
    Regards, Canelli

    • Vinicius Pitta Lima de Araujo

      I used jGuard at least in 3 web application that I developed. None of them are public webapps but I am very satisfied. I know that Charles developed a lot of apps with jGuard too. I guess that all of jGuard's team members already have one app with jGuard (the main reason to join the team is use the fw).

      I my opinion, jGuard is a great security fw with big potential. Charles is doing a wonderful work. But jGuard has a lack of publicity. We need to spread it more. You question has a lot of sense.

      Vinícius Pitta Lima de Araújo

    • christian kanele

      Hi Vinicius,
      thanks for the reply. I am in the mids of the deployment of my application into a productive environment. It is an application out on the Internet. So, it seems that it is the first JGuard app on the wild Internet.

      To do the 1st retrospection is, that I have spent 40-50% of my hacking time with JGuard understanding it. Time will tell whether JGuard was worth the time spent.

      My main obstacle was the poor documentation.  Much too much I have done on the base "learning by suffering". The documentation is too inprecise (as an example: export of the authorization data) The many features it has, cannot be used in an economic manner due to this. In my opinion this is why it lacks public acknowledgement.
      The 2nd point is according to my experiences the complexe db-schema (area: JDBCA...Manager) which makes it hard to use (I discussed that in a different thread already here).

      So, I believe that in case of an increased quality of the documentation the acceptance of JGuard will increase dramatically.

      Regards, canelli


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