Extending jguard

  • Mohamed Zafer

    Mohamed Zafer - 2005-08-06

    Hello There,

    Great Framework, Currently  I am evaluating jguard to find how it fits for my requirement.  From my understanding using Jguard we can do the following.

    1. Use it for authentication i.e, login into the site
    2. Define roles and the permissions the logged user has
    3. Check and enforce whether the logged user has access to each of the url's he is navigating.

    How can I use or extend jguard to determine what all link, modules or sections can be displayed for a role. For example the user can belong to a "regular" or "premium" role, A premium user will see additional links in his home page than the regular user. I want this to be configurable. like what are all the links the premium user can see in the home page, etc...

    Currently using jguard I can restrict the regular user if he tries to access the sections restricted for premium users, but I cannot get the list of sections available for the premium users.

    I understand that this is not directly related to jguard or its feature set, but your thoughts on how I can use jguard for this will help me.

    Zafer Mohamed

    • Charles Lescot

      Charles Lescot - 2005-08-06

      thank you for your interest in jGuard!

      "How can I use or extend jguard to determine what all link, modules or sections can be displayed for a role. "
      => jGuard provides already the feature you want.
      to do it, you can use the jGuard taglib.
      with these tags, you can either protect a page fragment (which can be a link) depending on the roles the user has got (if the user has got the role 'premium', display this fragment for example), or depending on the access of url (
      if the user has one role which has the permission to reach this url, display this fragment).
      these taglib use the same jGuard mechanism used to protect url access.so, when you define permissions, you define what piece of page should be displayed.
      there are more possibilities provided too.
      more informations on the jGuard's taglib here:

      sincerly yours,

      Charles(jGuard team).


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