jGuard legal issues

  • ballpen66

    ballpen66 - 2010-10-20

    Our company decided to use jGuard to build up our application. However, before we start

    we have some concerns about the legal issues regarding the jGuard framework. If our application is built and deployed to our clients based on jGuard, is there going to be any

    agreement between us? or any charges? Please let me know as soon as possible.

  • Vinicius Pitta Lima de Araujo

    I am not a expert in licensing but I think since jGuard is licensed as LGPL there is absolutely  nothing to you to worry about it.  

    Vinícius Pitta Lima de Araújo

  • Charles Lescot

    Charles Lescot - 2010-10-20

    like explained by Vinicius, jGuard is licensed under the LGPL licence.
    so, you're free to code  your own application, and use jGuard.
    the restriction is about the modification of jGuard AND the distribution of jGuard without distributing modifications under   the same licence.
    so, it is legal to code your own application, distribute it and use jguard as is.
    it is legal  to use jguard with your modifications for your own use without distribution.
    it is legal  to use jguard with your modifications ,distribute it,  and publish your modifications under the same licence (LGPL).
    it is NOT legal  to use jguard with your  modifications, distribute it, and publish your modifications under a different licence.

    the principle, is to use the  work from the community, and to share some enhancements or feedback with the community under the same licence if you distribute the modified version.
    hope it clarify the licence point .




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