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dave tam
  • dave tam

    dave tam - 2002-03-28

    dear all,

    i ve read briefly read through the doc of jgrinder.  but it seems it is pretty intrusive, every persistence object needs to be subclass from DomainObject.  but after reading a bit of the API doc it seems you can just implements some of the interface and it will be ok.

    is this possible and is there any further doc/direction on how to do this?



    • David Hoag

      David Hoag - 2002-03-28

      It is, of course, possible to build in persistence by implementing the Persistence interface. But that being said, DomainObject is pretty light as it is. I recommend coping the methods into a root object of your choice.

      As far as being intrusive. I would have to aggree with you. The philosophy of JGrinder was to provide the highest performing persistence solution possible. This resulted in some 'intrusive' design decisions.

      We have discussed the creation of a non intrusive PersistenceAdapter (the thing the bridges the actual Brokers and the persistent object), but the demand hasn't been there to justify the time investment.


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