Checkout and Build

  • John Ruggentaler

    What's the JGrinder module name? I tried the following:

    cvs login
    cvs -z3 co jgrinder

    CVS responded with:
    cvs server: cannot find module `jgrinder' - ignored
    cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules

    What platform and tools do I need to build JGrinder?

    • David Hoag

      David Hoag - 2002-03-09

      You can always browse the CVS repository of any sourceforge project to assertain the module names, however, to answer your question.

      The core modules are build, persistence, utility, and tools. These modules have 3rd party dependencies (which can be downloaded individually from their respective locations, or from the JGrinder-binary download).

      As I mentioned in a different post, were adjusting to making SF the primary repository. So, things may not be perfectly smooth at the moment.

      You can build all by going into the build module and typing 'ant all' (you must have ant installed).

      Or, individully build utility, then tools, then persistence by using the command 'ant jar'.

      Dependencies will be a problem! The build scripts assume a structure like the following:
      /libs/*.jar -- Many 3rd party jars go here
      /jarkarta-*/ -- you may need a couple of the jakarta projecst
      /junit-3.7/ ---

      You get the idea. You can change on your local copy if this structure doesn't work for you.


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