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  • John Ruggentaler

      I am looking for a persistence framework and ran into this one. JGPL look like it meets my requirements but what are the supported databases. I saw brokers for MS Access, Oracle, Hypersonic, FileMaker, File and Null. I do my testing on MySQL is anyone working on a MySQL broker?
      My production database is Oracle. How do I set the sequence JGPL uses to table name _SEQ?
      Who do I turn debug messages on and off? Can I log to stdout the SQL JGPL executes?
      In the getting started doc it states that the app that generates the skeleton persistence source code is broken if anyone is interested I modified an existing app (GenDdClasses) to generated source from an existing database.

    BTW: Is there a mailing list associated with this project?

    • David Hoag

      David Hoag - 2002-03-09

      RDBBroker is a generic broker that supports many databases. If you look at Hypersonic, Access, etc.. it is usually just some customization about each database.  I've used postgres and SqlServer without problems using the default RDBBroker. MySql may work without modification. If there is necessary modificiation, it should be easy to add.

      There's no mailing list, primarily since the traffic on the messages boards has been so light.

    • Ashik Uzzaman

      Ashik Uzzaman - 2002-10-07

      Does it not support Oracle, Informix?

      • David Hoag

        David Hoag - 2002-10-07

        There is a generic RDBBroker that will support just about any JDBC compliant database. Of course, many databases have slight variances or additional features. To support these differences there are several brokers defined in the package. OracleBroker is one of them.

          I've also used the default RDBBroker with informix.


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