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Setting broker properties without INI

Jim Moore
  • Jim Moore

    Jim Moore - 2002-01-04

    How can you set the properties of a broker besides an ini file?  Some properties, like the database name, have an accessor method, but others, like the PrimaryKeyStrategy, must be set with the INI file.

    • David Hoag

      David Hoag - 2002-01-10

      I've attempted to route all property requests through the BrokerPropertySource capability. There was a BrokerPropertyIF that was the first attempt at separating properties from the RDBBroker.

      PrimaryKeyStrategy is a relatively new property and we're probably missing the capability to set it (trivally at least). You can use the following approach:

      System.setProperty("com.primaryKeyStrategy","impl") ;
      RDBBroker broker = new RDBBroker();

      However, I don't think that was your question.


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