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2014-04-18 Version 1.5.4 released

The newest functionality added is the displaying of day tour markers in the altitude profil panel.

Posted by Lutnik Hubert 2014-04-18

2013-06-16: JGPSTrackEdit: Version 1.4.0 released

This release marks a further milestone achieving a usable product for creating and editing gps tracks: Now gps tracks may be saved to gpsies.com.
The whole lifecycle for editig gps tracks is supported now:
Creating tracks based on various sources, editing the track and finally saving.

Future development efforts will be concentrating on removing bugs and increasing the usability of JGPSTrackEdit

Posted by Lutnik Hubert 2013-06-16

2013-03-09: Version 1.0.0 released

JGPSTrackEdit has evolved over the last months to a stable product. Version number 1.0.0 indicates the end of the beta state phase of development. The last added functionality was the download function of map tile images for later offline use by smartphone map apps.

Posted by Lutnik Hubert 2013-03-09

2012-05-27: JGPSTrackEdit 0.7.1 released

This release marks a further step to internationalization: the translation to the german language is available (although some work remains). For other languages the contribution of the community is required. If you want to have JGSPTrackEdit in your own language, please contact me (the eMail Adress may be found on Help.About)

Posted by Lutnik Hubert 2012-05-27

2012.05.05: JGPSTrackEdit 0.6.0 released

Since JGPSTrackEdit has been downloaded by user of over 25 countries, the 0.6.0 release marks the beginning of the internationalization effort. As first step on startup the map extract of the home country of the user is displayed now. As users from further countries will enter the JGPSTrackEdit user community, more country map extracts will be added.

Suggestions to improve JGPSTrackEdit are welcome, e.g. by submitting on the discussion forum or sending an email. (the email address may be found on the about dialog box, menu "Help.About")

Posted by Lutnik Hubert 2012-05-05

2012.04.15: Version 0.5.0 of JGPSTrackEdit has been released

Since the first release JGPSTrackEdit has improved: Many bugs have been corrected and several useful functions have been added. Although some work remains, JGPSTrackEdit should now be useful for most editing tasks of gps tracks.

You should feel free to request new functions or report bugs to further improve JGPSTrackEdit.

Posted by Lutnik Hubert 2012-04-15

Project JGPSTrackEdit released

After many hours of programming and testing JGPSTrack has reached a state, which allows the release as beta version. The software should now be usable, although some work and improvements are necessary.

Posted by Lutnik Hubert 2012-03-25