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Groovy Java Genetic Programming / News: Recent posts

JGProg 1.2.0beta1 released

This release marks the beginning of a phase of cleanup, and also takes the major step of getting rid of my wacky idea of compiling individuals. The time and complexity that feature added just wasn't worth the benefits.

The release also makes a start at supporting Koza III-type chromosomal operations, as well as multicomputer runs.

Posted by Robert Baruch 2000-12-13

JGProg 1.1.2 Released

Possible bugfix for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in selection methods.

Adds rudimentary interface for watching evolution and evaluation progress.

Adds experimental support for tree-to-bytecode compilation prior to evaluation for speedups. See Release Notes from the homepage ( for details.

Posted by Robert Baruch 2000-04-25

JGProg 1.1.1 Released

Vast memory performance improvement in Chromosome.cross.

Posted by Robert Baruch 2000-04-04

JGProg 1.1 released

Improvements in performance. See changelog for details.

Posted by Robert Baruch 2000-04-02