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The new version 2.0.24 adds a support for a lot of business-features
like billterms and suppliers that up to now noone of our users
seems to have used.
They can be read and saved but only edited via casting to the concrete
jwsdpimpl-classes. Not via the public interfaces yet and it is recommed to
edit them via gnucash as up to now there is noone asking to actively
edit them via the automation- plugins and scripts that are the point of this project.
(after all, we don´t replace gnucash but provide the tools to automate
repeated tasks that are way too specialized or out of the focus of gnucash.)

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2010-05-28


A lot of changes under the hood here:
* the children of gnc:book can be in any order while reading now
* you can see the slots and their values for accounts in a new dialog
* preparations to use slots to store config-values instead of property-files.
* this will also allow HBCI with multiple bank-accounts later

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-06-26


With 2.0.18 we improved multi-currency-support in the editor/viewer and made the library read some files produces by broken gnucash-versions.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-11


fixed 2 bugs:
* writing non-taxable invoices without a taxtable
* reading broken gnucash-files with no commodity-scu in the root-account

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-05

2.0.13 with tax-report-panel


A new panel has been added to the viewer where
you can configure some account-balances
and hard to obtain sums to be visible all
the time and exportable by month, year or day.
Mostly usefull for tax- and other reporting
this is not a replacement for a real reporting
but allows for some number to be obtained that
are otherwise hard to calculate.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-12-17


The SVN -version now features an SSH-plugin to access
a gnucash-file on a remote system.
I will add the capabilities to connect through an ssh-tunnel and store the last target before releasing a first stable version in the next days.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-12-11

Splitter-Tool released in SVN-version

A new plugin-type "Tool" has been added to the SVN-code and
a plugin "splitter" that implements it.

The splitter can split of historic transactions into their own file and thus reduce the size of the
current file. The historic file contains all accounts,... of the current file and the current
file gets a transaction to keep the account-balances as they where before the historic transactions have been split off.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-12-03

released Pago-plugin

Hello everyone.

And again we have a major step in automating these boring finance-tasks...
Today I releases the Pago-plugin for jGnucashEditor under the terms of the GPL3:


It can automatically download all not yet downloaded account-statements and clearing-statements
for Pago credit-card acceptance from the password-protected website.
* Then it extracts these pdf-files and converts them to text.
* The text is then parsed and the transaction-splits for disagio-values of existing transactions are checked and corrected if needed.
* Any "TODO: Disagio" is removed from the comment of these transactions.
* new dummy-transactions are added showing the saldo for the received payments and the security-deposit
* they also show if all stated transactions have been identified and how many are missing
* they also show by how much the saldo in gnucash is off to make it easy to find the missing or wrong transaction
* the pdf-files are archived in a local directory... read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-11-18

wiki categorized

Today I extended the documention of plugins and extension-points in the wiki.
Now all plugin and extension-poit contains a template-header. This header makes sure you get automatic links from plugins to the extension-points they implement and offer and from extension-points to the plugin that offers it and the plugins that implement it.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-11-11

V2.0.8 with scriptable paypal-importer released

Version 2.0.8 comes with a complete Paypal-importer
that has all the features of the advanced HBCI-importer including importing complex transactions via javascript or any other scripting-language.
It also features a slightly improved HBCI-importer and AbstractScriptableImporter.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-11-09


The first test-code for a paypal-importer-plugin has been added to the SVN.
It will allow to synchronize transactions between a given gnucash and a paypal-account like it can be done with online-banking via HBCI or FinTS already.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-11-06

new plugin-type "DataSource"

A new plugin-interface has been added to the SVN-version.
The DataSource-plugin.
It plugs into the jGnucashEditor and displays as a new option in the file-menu.
A first implementation to load a gnucash-file from a remote host via SSH instead of a local file will be added shortly.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-11-06

Updated HBCI-Plugin

The new release 2.0.6 now includes HBCI4Java 2.5.9
and works with all Java-Versions now.
It also has added support for automatically
selecting from multiple PinTan-methods
offered by the bank.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-28

hbci4java-2.5.9 released

A new stable version of HBCI4Java has been released.
I'll test it today or tomorrow and make a
new release of jGnucashLib with our HBCI-plugin
and the bug-fixes done yesterday.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-28

fixed bug in invoice-loading

The SVN-version of the jGnucashViewer contains a bugfix, that prefents a hickup when loading invoices with comments or discounts.
You cannot yet edit them but existing ones are kept.
(For safety-reasons unknown elements prevent the file from being loaded. This happens so nothing can get damaged by this library.)

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-27

preparing invoice-parsing -plugin

I have written a prototype of a very cool plugin
that parses and books received incoices.
It is a replacement for an earlier piece of code doing the same thing but less configurable.

It is not finished yet and many things specific to
my companies are hardcoded. So I think I can
have a invoice-format-editor for it ready and the
company-specific parts factored out into scripts
in 2 or 3 weeks.
Please don't hold me to it, when it takes longer. :)

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-27

scripting open for other plugins

The scripting and script-based import have been factored out of the HBCI-plugin.
Now you can use the same script-based import e.g. for your own CVS or email-scanning plugin
or use the scripting-enging with it's editor for completely unrelated plugins like mass-invoices.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-09

Workaround for Classloader-issue

There is a classlaoder-issue with scripts and the plugin-framework.
Currently scripts cannot instanciate FixedPointNumber.
A new helper under the name of "Helper" has been given to scripts with 2 methods
Helper.createNumber(String) and Helper.createNumber(FixedPointNumber cloneme) to work around this issue.
Also the method "clone()" seems not to be visible to scripts for an unknown reason.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-09

V2.0.4 adds trivial HBCI-wizzard

The 2.0.4 HBCI-plugin will ask for the HBCI-settings if they are not already present.
This removed need for manual editing of the hbci-config-file.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-08

jGnucashLib 2.0.4 fixes missing file-bug

jGnucashLib 2.0.3 was missing 3 classes used for currency-tables. They are included in the new 2.0.4 -jars.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-08

all commercial plugins converted

Today all existing non-GPL plugins have been rewritten to the new plugin-API.
Thus now that this is taken care of,
there is time to concentrate on making
the jGnucashEditor better.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-10-07

Version 2,0,3 released

The new version 2.0.3 contains the complete scriptable HBCI-plugin with
a clean ScriptEditor and this editor
has the new ability to test-run your scripts and show their output without actually modifying the currently loaded gnucash-file.

jGnucashLib 2.0.3 can now work with gnucash-files that contain no splits-section.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-09-30

Editor V2.0.0-preview2 released

The new plugin-api is now implemented with a first extension-point for "importer"-plugins and one old but simple importer has been converted to such a plugin.
I also added a plugin-report menu to help with the debugging of plugins.

For the final version 2.0.0 at least the hbci-plugin with it's scripting and a configuration-framework need to be added as well.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-09-28

V2.0.0 with preview of V2-editor released

Today I could release jGnucashLib 2.0.0, jGnucashViewer 2.0.0 and a preview of the jGnucashEditor.
The editor already uses the new plugin-mechanism
but it does not yet allow plugins.
Some plugins (like the scriptable hbci-plugin) are already written but must still be converted to the new API before I can release them. Thus the "1.9.apha1 preview".

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-09-27

V2.0 readwrite-code in SVN

The code for writing gnucash-files is now released in the SVN.
The gnucash-editor with it's scripting-abilities will still take time until it's in shape for a release.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2008-09-23

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