#28 use free java database instead of xml file


Hi Craig,

A suggestion I have been meaning to make for a while now.
IBM had open sourced their Cloudscape java database last
August. What about using that instead of the xml file? I
wonder if it would start faster? It takes way too long to
start on my linux pc. WIndows starts faster, but it's a faster
pc, but maybe a db would be faster start up in general.
Something worth testing.

Plus then you could use sql commands even from outside
jgnash to modify transaction data, to maybe fix problems,
or say have outside programs work with data. You could
have separate programs to import/export transactions, like
say add 10 weeks of lunch money transactions with a
small program without starting the jgnash gui.

Here's info:


Cloudscape 10 The Cloudscape database, IBM's
implementation of Derby, is a 100% Java relational DBMS
that runs in 4MB of space on the J2SE or J2EE platforms, v
1.3.1 or later. Despite its small core, the database is
capacious. Table size and the number of rows per table are
limited only by available disk space, and there is no built-in
limit on the number of tables per instance. Basically, if you
have the disk space, Cloudscape will store the data. There
is a maximum of 1,012 columns per table, and no more
than 32,767 indexes per table-both well beyond the needs
of even the most pathological database.


Stan Towianski


  • Craig Cavanaugh

    Craig Cavanaugh - 2006-05-17
    • status: open --> closed
  • Craig Cavanaugh

    Craig Cavanaugh - 2006-05-17

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    jgnash 2.x


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