#160 account can be marked as its own ancestor

Engine (46)
Tom Edelson

The program does not prevent the user, when modifying an existing account, from choosing an inappropriate account as the "parent" of the one being modified. The parent of an account should not be allowed to be any of the following:

- itself;

- one of its children;

- one of its indirect descendants.

I am designating this bug as "affects 1.x only". I believe that the 2.x series did have a similar bug when it was first released, but that that was fixed by two commits during June 2009: the ones which created revisions 1745 and 1749 in the repository.


  • Tom Edelson

    Tom Edelson - 2010-02-15
    • status: open --> closed
  • Tom Edelson

    Tom Edelson - 2010-02-15

    This was fixed, I believe, by the commit today which created revision 2065 in the Subversion repository for jGnash.


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