JGAP 3.2.1 released

JGAP is a Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming package written in Java.

JGAP version 3.2.1 represents some enhancements, including:
* Made Robocode example work with newest Robocode
version and enhanced the example in general
* Added Maven pom file
* Introduced log4j
* Fixed bug with allTimeBest and cloning (see bug
* Fixed bug with GABreeder.evolution (bug 1748528)
* Made INodeValidator serializable
* Added custom-initialization mechanism for GP
* Enhanced IGPChromosome by method getFunctionSet
* Added Java command version to NOP
* Enhanced Javadoc a lot
* Added two utility functions to SystemKit
* Improved Chromosome.hashCode()
* Added some few unit tests

This release can be downloaded here:

For more information visit the JGAP homepage at http://jgap.sourceforge.net

Klaus Meffert for the JGAP team

Posted by Klaus 2007-07-10

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