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E-Gantt 0.4.8 Released

E-Gantt 0.4.8 Released
After some time E-GANTT is back in development, if you are not aware E-GANTT is a Gantt Chart Drawing component for Java Swing which supports and editing and advanced visualization options.

Recent Changes:
- New Drawing Module Pattern
- Entry Linking
- Diagram Editing support

Posted by Keith Long 2006-02-04

E-Gantt 0.4.5 released

The latest version finally has some support for graphically resizing tasks some support has been added for editing the time intervals via the table.

Posted by Keith Long 2003-03-30

E-Gantt 0.4.4 Released

This service release fixes up many efficiency problems reducing drawing bottle necks by around 60% and removes a nasty image clipping bug.

The applet demo has been patched to work with Netscape. New features include the first release of the pie demo, line chart demo as well as support for tooltips.

Posted by Keith Long 2003-02-03

E-Gantt 0.4.3 released

Brand new support for treetables, our implementation
is based on's XML Document model. ColumnRenderers and editors have been changed to take
the properties for the Swing look and feel where it is
apropriate. E-Gantt is an enterprise graph and chart drawing component, which supports basic charting types (most specifically the gantt chart).

a demonstration is available here:

Posted by Keith Long 2003-01-02