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Third public beta released

After a long, long time I finally found time to work on jGameBase again.

Please test this release and give feedback (via the trackers or mail) or even better join the worthy cause and help!

Posted by F. Gerbig 2009-06-28

Second public beta released

The new beta is more feature complete and includes a small sample DB "C64lite" with screenshots and music.

Sun Java 1.6 IS NEEDED!

Please test the new release and enter bugs you find into the sourceforge bug tracker.

Posted by F. Gerbig 2007-05-19

Info: Ongoing work

I just wanted to inform you that jGameBase is coming along nicely:

- jGameBase now reads D64 files and PSID/RSID music files

- Key-Value pairs and the handling of shellscripts to start the emulators have been finished

- Editing of game and music properties has been implemented

What's still missing is the handling of database entries (game files / music files / extras).

Posted by F. Gerbig 2007-01-18

First public beta released

The first public beta of jGameBase has been release on 16/10/2006.
Please be aware, that this is a beta release and not all functionality has been implemented.

Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

Posted by F. Gerbig 2006-10-17

End of october: First public beta planned


I'm on a trip at the moment, but plan to release the first public beta at the end of october.

Kind regards,

Posted by F. Gerbig 2006-09-21