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I created a very simple vice.sh script, made like this:
echo $1 > /Users/cprinoth/pippo
/Applications/Games/Vice/x64.app/Contents/MacOS/x64 -autostart $@

It looks like the script is passed an argument which is basically /pathtofile/pathtofile/file In other words, the path appears two times concatenated, then followed by the filename. Here is x64's log:

AUTOSTART: Autodetecting image type of `/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/BRUCELEE.T64'.
Filesystem Image: Error - Cannot open file `/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/BRUCELEE.T64'.
Tape: Error - Cannot open file `/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/BRUCELEE.T64'
AUTOSTART: Error - Cannot open `/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/BRUCELEE.T64'.
AUTOSTART: Error - `/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/var/folders/OA/OAsDr8rQGVSrC3q0n5qVT++++TI/-Tmp-/gamebase/BRUCELEE.T64' is not a valid file.


  • F. Gerbig

    F. Gerbig - 2009-11-11

    Hi Christian,

    What do you want to achieve?
    Doesn’t the "vice.sh" script supplied with C64lite work in OS X?

    I don’t have access to OS X, so I can’t verify what happens:
    It seems to me that "echo $1 >" sends the output to x64 as an additional command line option, but your call to x64 also contains "$@" which means all command line parameters – so this could be where your problem comes from.

    On the other hand - before calling your script jGameBase sets many environment variables with all the informations you need – just have a look at the "vice.sh" in C64lite.

    I hope this was helpful :-).

    Kind regards,

  • F. Gerbig

    F. Gerbig - 2009-11-11
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    • milestone: --> v0.44
    • status: open --> pending
  • Christian Prinoth

    Oh, sorry, I got rid of C64lite upon installing the full GameBase64, so I didn't notice the script.
    Anyway, the "echo $1 ..." line is just for debugging purposes, it writes the first parameter it gets passed to a local file. What I want to achieve in the script is just to start x64 passing the c64 image on the command line. If I did not do anything stupid in jgamebase's case $1 and $@ are the same, so that should not be a problem.
    I will check out your vice.sh tonight and let you know if it works correctly in OSX.

  • Christian Prinoth

    • status: pending --> open
  • Christian Prinoth

    Hi, I confirm that using your script from C64lite it works perfectly (just had to modify the path to x64 executable, in my case /Applications/Vice/x64.app/Content/MacOS/x64)

    Sorry for all these bug filings which are really just my shortcomings ;)

    The frontend works really nice, even if OSX integration and look-and-feel could be better ;)

    Now I will also set up Gamebase Amiga and see how that works

  • F. Gerbig

    F. Gerbig - 2009-11-12
    • status: open --> closed-fixed


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