David Hall - 2003-10-27

jga: Generic Algorithms for Java, release 0.4.0 is now available at


The goal of the project is to supply the functors, predicates, and  
algorithms missing from STL in java.  jga won't reproduce STL in all
of its details and methods.  Instead, jga adapts the functionality of
STL to java idioms: where C++/STL provide different interpretations
of standard design patterns, jga stays true to standard Java

With this release, there are more the 80 functors and predicates
included in the library, and almost 30 algorithms.  In addition, this
release includes the beginning of a swing package where functors are
applied to the benefit of swing models and interfaces.

This release is compatable with Java 1.4.2: you may develop and run
programs with a standard java compiler and runtime.  This release was
built using the 2.2 version of the generic java compiler.  When used
with the early access compiler, the algorithms included have been
adapted for covariant usage.