David Hall - 2009-09-15

jga: Generic Algorithms for Java, release 0.8.1 is now available

The latest release of jga is available at the following locations

* The project home page - http://jga.sf.net/

* Sourceforge File Release - http://sf.net/projects/jga/files/

* dev.java.net - http://jga.dev.java.net/

* Maven2 repository - http://jga.sf.net/repository/releases;
            GroupId: net.sf.jga;
         ArtifactId: jga

The hilights of this release are;

* More support for variable length Functors in the API and in JFXG.  Functors now
  support compound forms, allowing arguments to be bound, generated, or computed by
  nested functors.

* New Algorithms: Flatten (return the contents of two dimensional data structures in
  a single iterator), Compare (compares the contents of two data sources), and
  Summarize.lookup (returns the first value in a data source that meets some
  arbitrary criteria).

* JFXG is now a JSR-223 compliant scripting langauge, with additional support for
  functors that take an arbitrary number of arguments, local variables, and assignment

This release is compatable with Java 1.5 or later (scripting support requires Java
1.6, or the 1.5-compatable Scripting API's that were separately published at the