David Hall - 2004-09-16

jga: Generic Algorithms for Java, release 0.6 is now available at


The goal of the project is to supply the functors, predicates, and
algorithms missing from STL in java. jga won't reproduce STL in all
of its details and methods. Instead, jga adapts the functionality of
STL to java idioms: where C++/STL provide different interpretations
of standard design patterns, jga stays true to standard Java
practices. Example usage is provided by applying the functionality
of the library to swing models, editors, and renderers that can
greatly reduce boilerplate classes in desktop development.

The hilights of this release are;

- Support for the 2nd JDK1.5 beta.
- Refactored the functors in the comparison package, with an eye
  toward reducing the class count.  There are at this point more
  classes, but once the deprecated classes are removed in the next
  release, there will be far fewer primary functor classes.
- Spreadsheet engine now somewhat working: spreadsheets can be built
  programatically, and users can enter raw data (but not formulas)
  into cells with full recalculation of dependant cells
- Support for formatting and parsing in the swing package

This release is compatable with either Java 1.4 or Java 1.5.