David Hall - 2004-02-21

jga: Generic Algorithms for Java, release 0.5 is now available at


The goal of the project is to supply the functors, predicates, and
algorithms missing from STL in java. jga won't reproduce STL in all
of its details and methods. Instead, jga adapts the functionality of
STL to java idioms: where C++/STL provide different interpretations
of standard design patterns, jga stays true to standard Java
practices. Example usage is provided by applying the functionality
of the library to swing models, editors, and renderers that can
greatly reduce boilerplate classes in desktop development.

The hilights of this release are;

- support for the new forloop syntax in Java 1.5
- generators (functors that take no arguments) added
- more than 30 STL algorithms & more than 80 functors
- three new iterators for a total of 12
- GenericTableModel now functional, along with Editors and
Renderers in the swing package
- Generic Event listeners: 2 so far as proof of concept
- simpler design in the root classes of the package

This release is compatable with either Java 1.4 or Java 1.5.