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- new class com.jfw.util.Encryption. You can use this class for encrypt/decrypt a string or for get an encrypted output and input stream.

- now you can encrypt/decrypt a zip file.

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2010-06-09


- now is possible to use JFW database layer using connections managed directly. read "proprietary connection management" in core section.

- new class com.jfw.database.PCMProxy.

- new interface com.jfw.database.PCMConnection.

- modified com.jfw.database.ConnectionBroker for add the proprietary connection management.

- new key in jfw.properties: "pcm_class_*"

- new constructor com.jfw.web.util.ExecuteUrl(String)... read more

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2009-08-29


- addded method com.jfw.database.ReadDbData.result2Hash for read only a specific number of rows from a result set - not available for the group by method

- add SSL authentication for mail server connection

- new constructor in com.jfw.mail.SendEmail with no parameters - use the default parameters get from jfw.properties

- new method com.jfw.mail.SendEmail.send with Cc and Bcc lists of mail receivers... read more

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2009-06-26


- new method com.jfw.util.Format.isEmpty

- new methods com.jfw.database.QueryGateway.getBlob

- the log messages send to the log viewer application is in UTF8

- this version is only compatible with version 1.1 (and newer) of the log viewer

- the log messages showed in textareas support UTF8

- when run the log viewer as an application resizing the application will also resize the text areas... read more

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2009-06-10


- bugfix: when a properties file is read as a resource bundle the default locale is set; now no locale is set

- substituted StringBuffer by StringBuilder

- new method getStringArrayFromArrayList in com.jfw.util.Miscellaneous

- set in HashMap outputaData (see method JFWAction.execute) the request and response objects

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2009-05-06


- created class com.jfw.scheduler.util.CleanOldFiles for delete old files

- new parameters in jfw.properties for CleanOldFiles class

- implemented daily schedule type - class com.jfw.scheduler.Daily

- implemented weekly schedule type - class com.jfw.scheduler.Weekly

- add id parameter for schedule class in jfw.properties file

- reengineering of scheduler classes

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2009-03-14


- com.jfw.util.JFWLogger no more needs the jfw.properties for instantiate correctly

- you can see the log messages with the Log Viewer Applet even if Log4J is not configured.

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2009-01-07


bugfix: class com.jfw.scheduler.ScheduleThread not instantiate correctly the scheduled classes under JDK 6

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-11-24


- internal changes of class com.jfw.util.JFWLogger: changed the format of the log messages

- new method getDateAndTime in class com.jfw.util.DateUtils

- method get in com.jfw.pdf.Pdf2Pdf return an Object: the returned value must be cast in byte[]

- internal changes for make the classes compatible with JDK 1.4

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-11-01


- released core 1.0.9 and relative javadoc

- released logviewer 1.0.2

- updated webapps based on Struts 1.x and 2.x

- released new webapp based on both Struts 1.x and 2.x

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-10-14


- bugfix: method com.jfw.util.DateUtils.elapsed return wrong data
- database cleaner has been reviewed

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-09-25


- add in jar the configuration file for Struts 2; the jar can be used as Struts 2 plugin
- add method getBLOB in com.jfw.database.ReadDbData

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-09-10


- released documentation for Struts 2 in sections

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-09-09


- released core 1.0.6 and relative javadoc
- new webapp based on Struts 2.x and Tiles 2.x
- updated webapp based on Struts 1.x

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-29


- document session "HOW TO : CORE" is complete
- released core 1.0.5 and relative webapp and javadoc
- released log-viewer 1.0.1

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- document session "Log viewer" is complete
- released core 1.0.4 and relative webapp and javadoc
- released log-viewer 1.0

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- document session "Administration console" is complete

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- released core 1.0.3 and relative webapp and javadoc

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- released core 1.0.2

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- document session "HOW TO : WEBAPP" is complete

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- released core 1.0.1

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- first release of webapp

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22


- first release of jar and javadoc

Posted by Takis Spiropoulos 2008-08-22