We were planning to utilize JFS on SLES9 utilizing IBM's SDD on an IBM DS6800 Storage array, until I read the readme file (1), which says:

3.5  Correction to User's Guide

    o  Supported Filesystem Statement

                In the current User's Guide, we make various statements regarding
                specific filesystem support.  For Linux 2.6 kernels (the SLES 9 and
                RHEL 4 distributions) SDD will only support the following filesystems:

                o ext2
                o ext3

                Please ensure that you do not run any other filesystems on your SDD
                vpath devices.

Maybe someone can help me understand why JFS would not be supported in this type of configuration.  The last line mentions the vpath devices.  We are going to be utilizing LVM, with vpath devices, but would not be formatting the vpath devices directly.  Any idea if this may be supported?

(1): ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/storage/subsystem/linux/