Hello clever people :-)

Once upon a time I had a 3 disk LVM (instructed to fill the disks sequentially). This LVM had a single LV formatted jfs and filled my life with sunshine and joy.

Then I dropped a UPS on top of the server, one of the three PV's decided that this sort of treatment was not acceptable and proceeded to die (tick…tick….tick) and all the sunshine and joy left my life. :-(

I tried a dd_rescue and recovered about 250gb onto a new disk from the area at the beginning (centre) of the disk.

My next step was to try a fsck with the new disk, but I'm guessing that there is an important bit of the log missing because it seems to have hung:

root@bob:/# fsck.jfs -v -f /dev/VG_bob/pri                                                                               
fsck.jfs version 1.1.15, 04-Mar-2011
processing started: 9/8/2012 14:33:37
The current device is:  /dev/VG_bob/pri
Open(...READ/WRITE EXCLUSIVE...) returned rc = 0
Primary superblock is valid.
The type of file system for the device is JFS.
Block size in bytes:  4096
Filesystem size in blocks:  1464862720
**Phase 0 - Replay Journal Log

It's been doing that for some time (~20 hours):
root@bob:/# date
Sun Sep  9 12:22:18 PDT 2012

Is this normal? Is it broken? Will I ever see any of my data again? Is this the right place to ask?

Any pointers would be appreciated. I do have a backup however it's 6/7 months old and about 3000 miles away. I've not been able to find SATA cables that long :-/

Will Sheldon