I have a query about about JFS inode and directory structure.Actually i am newbie in JFS.so please help me.
1) My query is when i make some directories under some directory.If they are 8 or less then 8 .they stored in the inode.If i increase no. of entries then then directory inode became full and it allocates new leaf.in that new leaf all previous entries are copied and new directories are also stored.
I have noted that after 8 entries in the leaf node there is some space freed about 128 bytes every time.is is any index or any thing else.I am unable to understand these bytes.
2)I am also getting confused in 2nd half of the inode.96 bytes after the base area of inode.when i repeat the above case, i mean i make 10-15 directory entries and leaf node created.then what values are stored in the inode's union structure(128-223 bytes offset)
Please help me .
with best regards
Sundeep Saini