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JFreeReport 0.8.3 released


We just released a new version of JFreeReport, which contains all previous bugfixes for version 0.8.2. The extension project was also upgraded to keep in sync with the main project.

Upgrading is heavily recommended as the last version had heavy problems with larger (multilined) text fields.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-05-26

JFreeReport 0.8.2 released


JFreeReport 0.8.2 has been released. JFreeReport is a easy to use java report library. This release contains many bugfixes and also fixes some memory leaks.

After extensive profiling, the memory and processor performance had been awfully increased.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-04-11

JFreeReport Extension Package 0.8.1_01 released

JFreeReport is a easy to use java report library, the extension project contains all elements of JFreeReport that are usefull, but none of the core functionality.

This initial release contains a complete WebApplication demo to show how to use JFreeReport in a servlet environment and adds some new LogTargets to the logging system of JFreeReport.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-03-05

JFreeReport 0.8.1


After more than 1500 CVS commits and 2 month of hard work, the next release of JFreeReport is complete.

This release adds more output targets to the library: Now JFreeReport is able to export the generated reports into Excel, HTML and XHTML, CSV, PlainText and XML files; Printer output and PDF generation were already supported by previous versions.

A complete list of changes can be found in the release notes.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-02-28

JFreeReport 0.8.0 is released

Hello everybody,

JFreeReport is back with a new release. Three months have passed by
since our last release went public, and now, finally, the next major
release of JFreeReport is here.

The new release now supports advanced layouting capabilities, a smart
and easy to use configuration interface and a more reliable reporting
engine in the background.

The massive redesign process removed many deprecated classes and other
classes moved to different packages, so you will have to adjust your
sourcecode when upgrading. Please read the file "migrating.txt" for
more details on the upgrade process.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2002-12-13

JFreeReport 0.7.6

The JFreeReport library advanced to version 0.7.6. The sources are now JDK 1.2.2 comaptible and the generated PDF-files support now the security features of the iText-library (encryption and password protection).

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2002-09-08

Version 0.7.5 released

Added support for images in table model, additional demonstration applications, updated DTD, new ItemPercent and TotalSum report functions, plus bug fixes. The PDF documentation now includes a tutorial for new users;

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2002-07-24

Version 0.7.4, a bugfix release

Lets have a new release.

As there was a bug in version 0.7.3 which causes JFreeReport to deny work under linux, and in response to a new release of jcommon, a library used by JFreeReport, which changed the internal structure of that lib: lets have a new version of 0.7.4.

Nothing else changed, but jcommon-0.6.2 is not compatible with previous versions, so please upgrade both JFreeReport and the JCommon-lib.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2002-06-10

Version 0.7.3 is out

JFreeReports new version is here supporting better pdf printing (font embeding is working, unicode support).

The PreviewFrame has improved navigation, which is now a requirement, as JFreeReport is able to print huge reports (6000+ pages) with complete in-memory processing.

Have a look at the demo and the release notes for version 0.7.3 to learn more about the new release.

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2002-06-09

Documentation Updated

I've posted an update to the JFreeReport documentation to cover the recent changes (version 0.7.2).

Posted by David Gilbert 2002-05-22

JFreeReport 0.7.2

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2002-05-14

JFreeReport 0.7.0

Download files are now available here on SourceForge (in addition to

Posted by David Gilbert 2002-04-29