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Pentaho Reporting 3.6.0 Milestone 1 is now av

The first Milestone of the Pentaho Report Designer (PRD) version 3.6.0 is now available for download from SourceForge:

Please try this version out and let us know if your issues have been fixed and if you find other problems. Post responses to the Pentaho Reporting User Forum: read more

Posted by Doug Moran 2009-12-02

Pentaho Reporting Classic 0.8.10-RC released

After a long silence in this release news of Pentaho-Reporting, we are proud to announce the release-candidate of the upcoming version 0.8.10 of the Pentaho-Reporting Classic-Engine.

Pentaho-Reporting Classic is a lightweight embeddable reporting engine that provides reporting and printing capabilities to both Server and Fat-Client-Applications.

The engine has a remarkable low footprint and does make many assumptions about where it is supposed to run. Give it a warm spot, JDK 1.2.2 or higher and 6MB of your hard-disk, and the reporting-engine will work happily. ... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2008-05-22

JFreeReport 0.8.9-pre released

A first pre-release of JFreeReport 0.8.9 has been released.

JFreeReport 0.8.9 features a new rendering and layouting engine, which finally lifts the age-old limitation of the engine not being able to create pagebreaks within bands. From now on, JFreeReport is able to print text that spans across more than one page. The new renderer allows elements to have Borders, Paddings and Background-colors - which finally aligns the engine's capabilities with the capabilities offered by the Pentaho Report-Designer.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2007-05-27

New Releases, Docs, Training Now Available!

Community Connection: New Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Reporting Releases Available
================================================== ==================

Pentaho Data Integration 2.4 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Pentaho Data Integration 2.4. This exciting new release features significant improvements in performance, scalability and ease-of-use.... read more

Posted by Gretchen Moran 2007-01-26

JFreeReport 0.9.0 has been released

With the release of JFreeReport 0.9.0 we entered a new area of reporting.

JFreeReport 0.9 is document centric

In the classical domain of reporting engines, the report's structure is data oriented. In these classic engines, reports consist of bands or sections which are composed in a relatively fixed structure. In that world, a report is a template with several slots. The contents of these slots can be filled with various predefined element types, which then represent the generated content.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2006-12-04

JFreeReport 0.8.7-6 released

The new JFreeReport-0.8.7-6 is another "Waiting for 0.9" maintainance release. As every monthly bugfix release this version fixes another couple of bugs; upgrading is recommended.

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2006-07-27

JFreeReport 0.8.7-2 released

JFreeReport 0.8.7-2 is a minor bugfix release, which fixes an invalid initialization in the page setup handlers. That particluar bug made the page setup dialogs inaccessible, which can be considered a show stopper.


Posted by Thomas Morgner 2006-03-28

JFreeReport 0.8.7 has been released

JFreeReport 0.8.7 has been released.

This release adds a lot of new expressions to make definition reports easier. The 'no-data-band' may now carry a message for the user, whenever the supplied tablemodel does not contain any rows. All expressions are fully localizable and the new field type 'resource-message' combines the flexibility of the message-field with the internationalizability of the other resource-* field types.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2006-02-10

JFreeReport Joins Pentaho

Pentaho Adds JFreeReport Project to Provide Comprehensive, Open Source BI

Orlando, FL – January 17, 2006 - Today, Pentaho Corp., the world’s leading provider of Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) software, announced that the JFreeReport project has permanently joined Pentaho. Thomas Morgner, the creator and primary sponsor for the project has also joined Pentaho as Chief Architect of Reporting Solutions. This acquisition furthers Pentaho’s strategy of providing a comprehensive BI suite built on best-in-class technology delivered via a professional open source model.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2006-01-18

Report Design Wizard Milestone 1 Now Available from Pentaho

Today the Pentaho-team released the first milestone of an report wizzard for JFreeReport.

The original Pentaho News Flash follows:

The first milestone build of the Pentaho Report Design Wizard is now available! It was created to facilitate report authoring for JFreeReport. While the Report Design Wizard is flexible in its report generation, it is not possible to solve some specific requirements. The Report Design Wizard bridges the gap between manual editing of XML and having a complete report designer. First-time users will enjoy the ease of use and power of the Report Design Wizard. Meanwhile, expert users will appreciate the time savings the Report Design Wizard provides. ... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2006-01-13

JFreeReport 0.8.6-5 released

JFreeReport 0.8.6-5 is a bug-fix release fixing some minor bugs and adding support for images in the Excel export. The JFreeReport-Ext project adds SVG support for the Image and Drawable elements (through the SvgSalamander library; JDK 1.4 or higher).

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2005-12-22 restored has been restored. The provider paniced as some evil guys tried something nasty with phpBB (what exactly, I dont know, they didnt tell us).

Don't you love the adrenaline rush when operating PHP sites? Every attack that goes through could mess up your system. That's why I prefer Java...


Posted by Thomas Morgner 2005-11-22 is currently not working

Our provider is causing us a lot of trouble right now, so that the web-site and support forum at is currently not available.

We are working to solve the problems with that provider permanently. Right now, we are definitly not pleased about that issue.


Posted by Thomas Morgner 2005-11-22

JFreeReport 0.8.6 released

JFreeReport is an embedded report generator written in 100% pure Java. XML-based templates provide flexible reporting and printing functionality using data from multiple sources. JFreeReport supports output to display devices, printers, PDF, Excel, HTML, XHTML, PlainText, XML and CSV files.

JFreeReport 0.8.6 adds the ability to distribute wide pages over multiple physical pages, much like spreadsheet applications like Excel print overly large tables. The new StackedLayoutManager simplifies the usage of dynamic elements and improvements in the XML parser implementations allow the definition of global stylesheets for all available report definition formats.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2005-09-26

JFreeReport 0.8.5: Precompiled jars were missing

Due to a configuration error (a very stupid one!), no precompiled JAR-files have been included in the distribution archives. This has been fixed now.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2005-03-08

JFreeReport 0.8.5 released

After a long time without a new non-bugfix release,
we are proud to announce the new JFreeReport 0.8.5

This release is a complete rewrite of the JFreeReport
source base to fix a couple of ugly, deeply hidden
bugs and to provide a cleaner semantic in the classes
and use of JFreeReport.

The major changes for this release are:

* Support for HyperLinks and Anchors

* A complete PlainText export with native support for
Epson and IBM matrix printers.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2005-03-04

Warning: version 0.8.3 is an old version

Hi everybody,

it seems that our previously released files are all gone, except that last one. This release (0.8.3h) is a bugfix release for an old version of JFreeReport. If is deprecated and incompatible with the newer versions. A new version of the 0.8.4-branch of JFreeReport will be released on Sunday, 22 Dec.

Until then: To download the current version of JFreeReport 0.8.4 please visit .... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-12-19

JFreeReport 0.8.4-6 released


the next bugfix release is out, fixing another couple of bugs.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-11-25

JFreeReport 0.8.4-5 released

JFreeReport is a Java class library for generating reports. It provides a flexible printing functionality for Java applications and supports output to Printers and PDF, Excel, HTML and XHTML, PlainText, XML and CSV files. This is the next minor bugfix release of JFreeReport. Despite some bugfixes, the ext-package now contains the first demo on how to show JFreeCharts within a report.

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-11-10

JFreeReport 0.8.4-3 released


the newly released JFreeReport 0.8.4-3 fixes the bugs in the plain text export target and the TotalItemCountFunction.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-10-22

JFreeReport 0.8.4-2 released


the next update releases for JFreeReport and the JFreeReport-ext packages are out. These releases fix some major bugs in the table export and the preview components.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-10-19

JFreeReport 0.8.3g and 0.8.4 released


the last version of the old branch and the first version of the new branch of JFreeReport have been released today.

The new version moved all code into the package org.jfree and faced several major code changes. This release is not compatible with the old release and you will have to modify your code to make it work in older applications.

This new release introduces a package system to separate the various functional modules from each other. Details to the new release can be found in the Release Notes.... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-09-16

JFreeReport 0.8.3f released

JFreeReport 0.8.3f was released yesterday. It contains more
bugfixes to JFreeReport while waiting on the next real release. JFreeReport is a Java class library for generating reports. It provides a flexible printing functionality for Java applications and supports output to Printers and PDF, Excel, HTML and XHTML, PlainText, XML and CSV files.

To give everybody a reason to upgrade, this version now contains a progress monitor dialog for all gui report-operations. The reporting is also no longer so selfish to block the entire event dispatcher while processing the report...... read more

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-08-25

JFreeReport 0.8.3d released


this JFreeReport release fixes some more bugs,
hopefully the last ones for now.

There were fixes in the PlainText output target
and the table targets (XLS, HTML, CSV), as well
as in the stylesheet collection. Upgrading is heavily

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-06-29

JFreeReport Version 0.8.3c released


the new version fixes the last of the known bugs. Upgrading from version 0.8.x to this version is heavily recommended.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2003-06-19

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