JFreeReport 0.8.5 released

After a long time without a new non-bugfix release,
we are proud to announce the new JFreeReport 0.8.5

This release is a complete rewrite of the JFreeReport
source base to fix a couple of ugly, deeply hidden
bugs and to provide a cleaner semantic in the classes
and use of JFreeReport.

The major changes for this release are:

* Support for HyperLinks and Anchors

* A complete PlainText export with native support for
Epson and IBM matrix printers.

* A veraiable substitution system for the XML-definition
languages similiar to the Apache-ANT build-file

* Support for include files in the report definitions
for a better maintainability of the XML-reports.

* Performance! Report processing is now twice as fast
as it was in the previous version.

* Style inheritance is now tightly defined and follows
strict rules similiar to the ones found in CSS.

A complete and detailed list of all changes can be found
in the ChangeLog.

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2005-03-04

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