I want to work on JFree Chart and in particular implement
the following :
   * Surface Chart Type : Adding a surface chart to the
current mix
   * Adding Item sets with bonuses
   * Rendering order proposal : Not flexible : Certain
might have to be modified

If it is fine with you, I plan on completing this by the
11th of December, 2007, since working on a challenging Open
Source Project is part of my course curriculum ( and that is
the deadline :) )
More about me below...

About me:
I am a Master's student, studying Computer Science at New
York University, and as a requirement for one of the tougher
courses here (Production Quality Software), I was looking
for a neat Java project, and this really seems to be exactly
the kind of thing I want to work on.

Hoping for a positive response!

Thanks a lot!


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