Sonatype has a mechanism to get stuff added to maven central., see the section on Sonatype OSS.

Are you really against this? I'm willing to do the leg work to get this uploaded. JCommon, at least 1.0.18 has a pom already, it just needs to be uploaded.

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 2:45 AM, Martin Hoeller <> wrote:
On 15 Apr 2014, Alex O'Ree wrote:

> Hi I have a project that needs a specific version of JCommon which is not
> in the maven repo. Is it possible for someone to publich 1.0.18 (someone
> else on the form asked for 1.0.16 too)?

JFreeChart still uses ant, unfortunately. I tried to publish current
versions to maven central for the last view years but missed some (no
time). If new versions come out I'll try to upload them ASAP but I'm not
going to start uploading old versions.

So your best option would be to just use a local repo-manager (like nexus
or archiva) as suggested by the maven guys anyway, and upload the missing
artifacts there. It will save you time in the end and is really not much

> I was considering opening a sonatype ticket to get it published but i don't
> want to cause any synchronization issues

Don't do this. This only reaches Sonatype who is not responsible for this
job and they won't upload anything.

- martin