Hi All,
Thanks for your continued interest! I opened an account on GitHub to experiment already, and I have created a repo for what I've called JFreeChart FSE ("future state edition"). It's basically trunk or dev. Let me make that public as soon as I get back to a machine I can work on (travelling right now, be home soon).

For jfreechart-1.0.x, it sounds like I will be able to leverage what Ben has done already, but can we do a short try-out on the repo I have created first, because I'm still getting used to git/GitHub so I have a bit of learning/unlearning to do?

You are on the right track with the current svn - only the 1.0.x branch matters much.

Best regards,

P.S. Still want to get 1.0.15 released sooner rather than later.
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"Martin Höller" <martin@xss.co.at> wrote:
Hi Ben!

On Tuesday 31 July 2012 Ben Greear wrote:
> I made an attempt today to pull in the public svn
> repository into a git repository (using svn2git).
> It seems to have gone fairly well..but a few questions:
> I ended up with 3 branches:
> [greearb@ben-dt jfreechart]$ git branch
> jfreechart-1.0.8-security
> jfreechart-1.0.x-branch
> * master
> It appears that the 1.0.x tree is the one under current
> development.


> master seems to have not been touched in several years.

AFAIK, David used to port changes from the 1.0.x branch to master. Nowadays
nobod does this anymore. I don't know the idea behind master.

> Most other git projects that I'm aware of typically have only a single
> 'master' branch for their upstream repository (and have multiple trees
> instead of multiple branches, so there might be another
> jfreechart-1.0.8-security tree that occasionally gets bug-fixes).
> This makes it easy for users to download the branch they care about
> by default and not have to worry about which branch to check out.

I completely agree with you. The first time I got in touch with JFreeChart's
source, I also got confused by the branches.

> So, my first instinct is to make jfreechart-1.0.x-branch the
> master branch, and ignore 1.0.8-security entirely.

That's the way to go!

> I do *NOT* want to take over management of this project, but
> I will be happy to make some attempts at getting the svn trees
> migrated to github if David Gilbert agrees.... Once it is on
> github, David and whoever else could fork the github project
> and that could become the true upstream tree.

Thanks for you effort!

- martin

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