Good morning all. I seem to have come across a problem using the Overlaidxy chart type. I'm actually using cewolf, but looked through the code and it appears to be caused by JFreeChart.

The problem is that when using an overlaid chart, any charts that are of the same type take the last chart in the series' legend name and color. So if I had one xyline with the name "Line 1" and another "Line 2" and "Line 2" was added last, they would both show up as red, and the legend would have 2 "Line 2" keys.

Going through the overlaidxy code there is a commented out function indexSubplots that says it allowed facilitated each sub plot having its own unique color. I don't know if the was replaced by anything or if it was ever actually working, just happened to notice it and thought it was relevant.

If there is a work around for this issue please let me know, if its a new issue I will add it to the bug tracker! Thanks for your time and help!