#363 make most privat fields protected


i use JFreeChart very intensivly in our Statistical product SPAD (in france).
I have done a lot of work by extending the base classes of JFreeChart.
I have a request :
"make most of your private class fields protected"

it will be easier for all developper who extends your classes because we will have acces to inner fields.
I think it will not confuse other people because they won't see it.
And it won't break your code (i think).

an exemple is in TextTitle.
I just wanted to to override your class to change getText() so it returns a dynamic value.
(change depending on the user input in another parameter) i could do some listener and some setText() of course.
but i thought it was easier with an override of getText().

I was wrong because when you paint the text you don't call getText() you use the internal field "text".
And if i want to override the method draw() of TextTitle i can't because you use content and i don't have access to it...
So i have to rewrite the entire class ... instead of ovewriting just one method ...

Anyway this was not meant to be an offense to your work.
JFreeChart is really great and i can see how much work you have putted into it.
thank you for this great (greatest in java ??) open source library.

Julien Blaize


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