#349 Add fancy LogFormat tick labels

Don Lucas

It is common in some types of scientific charting that uses log or log/log charts to use a nicer form of axis tick labels than LogFormat presently supports. The most common form of improved label is to format the tick label number as "0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1k, 10k" etc. within a specific narrow range such as from 0.001 to 1*10^6 or so and then switching to the common log format label of <base label>^<power> (as is presently supported) for axis values outside of the specified narrow range.

This provides tick labels that are easy to see and relate to within the user's normal range of expected values while still being able to represent and format tick label values outside of this range using the usual scientific notation.

This could easily be implemented by adding setter methods for setLowerRangeSwitchPoint(double minimum), setUpperRangeSwitchPoint(double maximum), and setComboRangeFormattingStyle(boolean enable). This way the default behavior could be as it presently is and the user could optionally turn on a switchable formatting method (somewhat like the difference between the formatting specifier string "%f" and "%g" in the formatter classes) except that the user could specify what the lower and upper value switch points are.


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