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#295 make XYAreaRendererState public


This is a two-part request.

The first, rather easy, half is to make
XYAreaRendererState a public class.

The fields in it are public, but I cannot access them
(unless I put the accessing class into your package,
I suppose -- which seems a bit to inelegant to me,
but I suppose I will do that if this is not a good
time for you to make changes).

My second request is for you to read the following:

In JFreeChart version 0.9.12, a single area is
generated as you go through and only painted at the
end, so only the last call to getItemPaint()
matters. As near as I can tell from looking at your
code, this is still true.

To overcome this, I created a subclass which allows
you to paint different parts of the graph different
colors, but this relied on the fact that pArea was
only "protected"). It would require some cleaning up
on my part, but I wonder if you would like to have
the source code for inclusion in the project.

In fact, the purpose of my code is to allow people
to "select" parts of their graph (have them drawn
using a "color.darker()") and the program can query
for the bounds of the selected region (in value
coordinates). Would you like this class




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