#951 GradientPaintTransformer appears to be ignored

General (896)

Since 1.0.10, using the setGradientPaintTransformer(..) method on a BarRenderer does not have any effect when rendering a bar chart (assuming one has also set a GrandientPaint object). The colors from the GradientPaint object are used, but it appears that the GradientBarPainter object used to draw each bar makes no use of the GradientPaintTransformer object that has been set, but instead breaks up the bar into 3 bands, rendering white to the first color in the first band, the first color to the second color in the second band, and the second color back to white in the third band, always giving the appearance of a horizontal gradient (with Vertical Bar Charts).

If this is in fact the case, the BarRenderer should be updated to use the GradientPaintTransformer set, or the documentation should be updated to either deprecate the setGradientPaintTransformer(...) method or indicate at least that it has no effect.


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