#1132 When set a marker then the chart disappears after zooming.


I've a XYBar-chart with a date and a symbol axis to show several items with in a task series collection.

The items can i bring in front over a marker.

When i select a marker in the table of a item with a long duration then the corresponding item is shown in front of the chart with the marker in the middle. The date axis changes the range and the date tick unit in dependence of the item. Until then everything works fine.

Now, when i try to zoom-in then the bar-graph of the item disappears. When i zoom-out it appears again.

The problem only seems to occur when several items are displayed in the chart and i select a item with a long duration over a marker.

Version: JFreeChart 1.0.17
Mail: markus.ludwig@mail.de or jmau2002@web.de


  • simon04

    simon04 - 2014-08-26

    Duplicate of #1131.

  • David Gilbert

    David Gilbert - 2014-08-28
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
    • assigned_to: David Gilbert

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