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jfor V0.7.1 released

Many thanks to Boris Poudrous who contributed most new features in this release.
New XSL-FO features supported: page footers, background-color, space-before, space-after, number-columns-spanned, automatic vertical merging of table cells.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2002-08-15

XSL-FO attribute inheritance workaround available

A new XSLT transform (inherit-attributes.xsl) is available to process XSL-FO documents before converting them with jfor, in order to implement some form of "attributes inheritance".

This is a known problem in jfor, in the following construct for example the text is not shown as bold:

<fo:block font-weight="bold">
<fo:inline>Without processing, this will not be bold</fo:inline>
</fo:block>... read more

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2002-07-12

jfor V0.7.0 with new license

This release contains minor bug fixes and improvements, the important news being that the license has been changed to an Apache-compatible one.

This will help increase the visibilty of jfor by allowing it to be distributed with Apache Software Foundation projects. There are good chances that jfor will be a standard part of the next release of Cocoon 2.

The website at http://www.jfor.org has been updated as well with information about how to run and compile jfor.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2002-07-12

jfor V0.6.0 released

Release notes and change log can be found under

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2002-06-06

jfor will be merged into FOP

It's official - the FOP (xml.apache.org/fop) committers agreed to merge jfor into FOP.
There will be one or two more releases of jfor as standalone software, after which further development will take place as part of the FOP project.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-11-23

jfor V0.5.1 released

Bugfix release: input pathnames were not supported when started from the windows command line (bug #469494).

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-10-09

expect jfor development to slow down

The good news is that jfor has been put in production at several customers sites, which can cope with the current limited feature set.

The bad news is that we (the jfor team) do not have any urgent requirements regarding jfor, so you will probably see slower progress from now on.

I say "probably" because some of you jfor users might want to jump in to implement some missing feature that you need - if it is the case, I'm available to help you deciding how best to implement new features in jfor.... read more

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-09-26

jfor V0.5 released

Mostly bug fixes with some new features:
-cell padding for tables
-missing external-graphic files do not block conversion
-decodes named and hexadecimal colors

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-09-26

jfor Cocoon 2 integration (alpha version) available

jfor V0.4.4, an intermediate release, includes an alpha version of the Cocoon 2 integration module (for experienced Cocoon 2 developers only!).

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-31

jfor-users mailing list available

Use this list for jfor usage questions.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-30

jfor V0.4 released

Along with new XSL-FO samples and test files, V0.4 offers improved handling of fo:blocks and fo:external-graphic, including text-align attribute support for blocks.
This release is available as usual (or will be in a few minutes) at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=29441

Several new XSL-FO files that demonstrate jfor features have been added to the samples directory, converting them will give you a good idea of jfor's current capabilities. Feel free to send us more XSL-FO examples along these lines (small, focused on one specific feature and self-describing).... read more

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-28

jfor-announce mailing list available

Subscribe to the list at http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/jfor-announce
to be informed of new releases and important events related to jfor.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-27

jfor V0.3.6 released

Intermediate release - V0.4 should be released early next week with better image support.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-25

forums reactivated

There was some confusion between mailing lists and forums - the latter have been reactivated.
Please use the forums for future communications.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-17

jfor V0.3 released

Support for fo:external-graphic and nested tables added

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-16

jfor V0.2 released

Whitespace and text attributes improvements.
This release also includes a packaged source code archive.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-13

jfor V0.1.2 released

Whitespace handling problems corrected, along with improvements in fo:block and fo:inline handling.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-08

jfor 0.1 released

This first release handles a small subset of all XSL:FO constructs, and works either from the command line or as a Cocoon formatter.

Posted by Bertrand Delacretaz 2001-08-02

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