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Just for Fun NMS 0.6.7 Released

Fixed bugs:
-When changing password the Router Access was disabled.
-Handling of shutdown events, leaves interface down.
-Storage discovery broken in UCD-SNMP 2.4.4
-TCP Port Poller timeout, too short, increased to 8 seconds.
-Some Orders are inverted.
-API: better filter management in interfaces object. (status & list)
-API: Auth now on jffnms object.
-API: new delete_from_all method on map_interfaces object.
-Change Clock color to white in Events.
New Features:
-New Interface in Rootmap status, you can mark the interface as disabled (grey).
-Add to Map option in Interfaces Editor.
-New Interface Selector (Wizard and Classic mode) (faster)
-Autoconfigurable Setup.php (Robert Bogdon)
-Use the OLD-CISCO-SYS-MIB for configuration retrival (optional) (requested by: Mike Hide)
-Wait 3 seconds before spawning new a process in autodiscovery_interfaces.php and poller.php (requested by: Robert Bogdon)
-New Poller: BGP Peer Interface Number (track when new bgp peer are added).

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-06-29

'Just For Fun' NMS 0.6.6 Released

A lot of new features, BGP Peer, Storage, PIX events, new internal API (preparing for SOAP), more separated GUI/Engine, new Start Page with stats. Better modularity (interface types). I would like more Testing on different platforms and devices. Please Report any bug found.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-06-22

'Just For Fun' NMS 0.6.5 Released

A lot of new Features in this version... so expect things to be broken : ( Also I'm looking for someone to help me with the documentation. TCP Port/MEM/CPU Polling, More Authorization, bugfixes.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-05-26

JFF Network Management System 0.6.4

A complete NMS designed because I dont like OpenView. Is SNMP-Standard Oriented (tested on Cisco and Linux). It Integrates Syslog, Tacacs, RRDtool (Performance Graphs RTT/PL/Traffic/Errors), Maps, Traps, TFTP, Autodiscovery, Sound Alerts, AAA, Modular.

This release features the following:

Events CSV Export, Events Ordering, Fixed Map more
implemented, Fixed bug with UCD-SNMP 4.2.4, Fixed RRD MAX Calculation.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-05-15

JFF Network Management System 0.6.3

New Event Filter, More API, Now we dont poll/analize down interfaces, Modified Performance Report, Bugfixes...

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-05-12

Just For Fun NMS 0.6.2 Released

New Profiles Framework, Cosmetic Changes, Modified State Report, Router Configuration Diff.Some bugfixes

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-05-04

Just For Fun NMS Version 0.6.1 Released

Lots of new features in this version... mostly reports, and my-boss-asked-for-it features. Now I can start with the Fun Stuff... Easier Installation, New Graphviz Maps, Fixed Autodiscovery, Reworked Performance Viewer.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-04-27

Just For Fun NMS Version 0.6.0 Released

JFFNMS 0.6.0 is a major update release, we have a lot of new things, Sound Alerts, Interface Autodiscovery, Faster Event Display and Refresh, Event Type Filter (like Openview), Alarm Viewer, Event Auto-Acknowledge, Performance and Disponibility have a new Date Control (with Calendar), a Java Map (early stages), and a lot of small bugfixes and impovements.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-04-07

JFFNMS 0.5.9 Released

This is a complete NMS designed because I dont like OpenView. Is Cisco Oriented. It Integrates Syslog, Tacacs, RRDtool (mrtg-like) Graphs (RTT/PL/Traffic/Errors), Maps, Traps, TFTP etc.

This release add a Modularized Polling Framework (I want suggestions about this),
the begining of a DB Abstraction Layer (MySQL (working) and Postgres(testing)),
Bugfixes, and a lot more... try it...

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-03-27

JFFNMS 0.5.8 Released

Dumb Bugfixes, Select Date in Performance, Internal Events speedups, more work on Alarm Viewer and Alarms Stats (not yet ready). If It doesn't work ok in IE please contact me...

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-03-17

JFFNMS 0.5.7 Released

Mainly bugfixes, speedups (DB indexes), also: Tool filters now working, new split screen administration, first drafts of Alarm Viewer and Indisponiblity Reports, New Option in Maps: Make Popup, Users now can change their own Passwords, New option in Users: Router, let the users access your routers or not, now you can have users in the NMS, and they cannot access the routers.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-03-10

JFFNMS 0.5.6

A lot of small new features, try to find them! : )
-Configurable External Tools
-Option for increase or decrease the cant. of events
-Interface Map: show only active alarms, show in text mode
-Log Viewer
-Messages now visible for all users
-Authorizations options: View all Messages
-Tested working with a ucd-snmpd agent, now officialy supports Cisco and Linux SNMP agents, please try it on others.
-Better Installation Help (Compiling, tips)

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-03-04

JFFNMS 0.5.5

This new version is mainly bugfixes. Please try it and report all bugs, and suggestions. If no bugs are found, I will continue this the polling modularization. The working demo is updated, but keeped some example records.
-Lots of bugfixes
-New Configurable Filters
-Administration Improvements
-InfoBox now visible on IE

Javier Szyszlican

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-02-27

JFF NMS 0.5.4

New version, nicer... new things... I'm waiting for people to try it out and find bugs or suggest new features. New Features: Authorization, TFTP, Traps, Submaps. Updated Working demo in http://jffnms.sf.net/jffnms (admin/admin)
JFFNMS by Javier Szyszlican

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-02-23

JFF NMS 0.5.3

New Features: TRAPs, TFTP, SubMaps, SLAs.
Working Copy at http://jffnms.sf.net/jffnms user:admin pass:admin

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-02-15

JFF NMS 0.5.3

New Features: TRAPs, TFTP, SubMaps, SLAs.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-02-15

"Just For Fun" Network Management System First Releas

"Just for Fun" is a complete network management system designed because I dont like OpenView. Is Cisco Oriented. It Integrates Syslog, Tacacs, RRDtool(mrtg-like) Graphs, Maps, etc.

The First Public Release of 'Just For Fun' Network Management Systems is out!!!

If you like the project contact me :)

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-02-09

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