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    Hi, I'm a system administrator for a small company, I just installed jffnms 0.8.2 on Windows 2003, apache 2.0, php 5, and mysql 4.1. The system is working perfectly. I just don't know how I can add and receive snmp traps. I installed the SNMP service on another windows server. And then what? I do'nt receive anything. Sorry for the lack of info, but I don't know what is the next step, and maybe I don't get it clearly from the documentation.

    Thanks in advan for the help.

    Diego Madiedo

    • tlhonmey

      tlhonmey - 2009-06-19

      To be clear, an SNMP trap is a message your device sends without any prompting from your server. In order for your server to receive these traps, it needs to have a program running that will listen for them. On Linux, the program is called an snmp daemon, and there are several to choose from. I have no idea what is available for Windows.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      High, can't help you, but I'm also trying to install the app on Windows 2000 Server. In the apache log I get the following error: "File does not exist: C:/jffnms/htdocs/jffnms". The page will never be loaded. Any idea's?
      Jan Martijn



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