Hardware requirements

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am looking at JFFNM and it looks extremely promising. Does anyone know the hardware requirements to run this software properly? I was given this project with a very limited amount of resources. I currently have a 966MHz with 256 RAM and a 18GB hard drive. Would I be able to run the software?

    • Javier Szyszlican


      Thats ok, but all depends on how many hosts do you want to monitor.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Would the hardware requirements still work for about 400 devices and/or processes?


      • Javier Szyszlican


        At this moment, with the current poller, reaching 400 devices is kind of dificult if you don't have a separate server for the DB.

        But if you put 2 servers one for apache, the pollers and rrdstorage and the other for the mysql database.

        You can reach 400 hosts without problem.

        This is hosts, devices, something with and IP address, not interfaces (ie stuff inside a host).

        If you have 200 hosts and 2000 interfaces the imporatnt things is the hosts.




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