JFCML Spec Change RFI

JFCML - JFC/Swing XML Markup Language.


Designed to be the fastest, most complete, and easy to use markup language for Swing. Built directly on top of the SAXParser, JFCML is fast, efficient, and highly scalable.

I am proposing a somewhat significant change in the XML syntax. One major way JFCML diverted from Java syntax is in my so-called 'pseudo-constructor' syntax. Despite the seemingly excellent typing system, I have discovered a fatal flaw.

I am currently developing an XSLT stylesheet which will transform JFCML back into Java. The current stylesheet is capable of producing compilable Java in about 60% of all cases. Several simple improvements need to be made before 100% case coverage can be reached.

The primary specification proposal can be found here:

Posted by Shawn Curry 2004-11-11

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