JFCML 0.8.1 Release Highlights

JFCML - JFC/Swing XML Markup Language.


Designed to be the fastest, most complete, and easy to use markup language for Swing. Built directly on top of the SAXParser, JFCML is fast, efficient, and highly scalable.

Among the major noticable changes in version 0.8 is the new package and directory structure. JFCML is now packaged in a format mirroring the actual Java package structure. This change should only affect anyone who has created extension modules for JFCML.

Version 0.8 introduces a new package management infrastructure. A new Import element is required to instruct the JFCML interpreter on which packages contain JFCML extension modules.

A new release package, jfcml-modular, provides a modularized version of the standard release package. This will be useful for anyone who does not need the full functionality of JFCML. The jfcml-core jar contains only the core classes of the JFCML interpreter (~31k). Most JFCML modules range from ~3k to ~39k, the only exeption being module jfcml-javax-swing, weighing in at ~266k.

Posted by Shawn Curry 2004-11-07

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