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Beta 2 (with JAAS) release of Servlet Container

The new release implements JAAS to support security in the servlet container. This is a nice example of 2-phased authentication schema so very popular with protocols like HTTP. End-user manual got updated and the whole new document - programmers manual - is distributed with this release. Projects web site has a new article explaining JAAS over HTTP quirks.

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-12-22

Beta 1 release of Servlet Container

JeusEx released beta 1 version of servlet container. It successfully passed 224 (and failed 124) of Apache Watchdog (servlet spec 2.3 compatibility) tests and could have passed more if not for a bug in Watchdog. Relese includes lifecycle event support and fixes ennumerable bugs.

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-10-31

Alpha 3 Release of Servlet Container-spec 2.3, http support

JeusEx supports servlet spec 2.3 now (at least in implemented areas) and servlet.http package. The former means sessions and servlets inherited from HttpServlet. It also was recompiled under SDK 1.4. I haven't started usage of 1.4 - specific features yet, though, so it will work with 1.3.1 as well.

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-09-19

Alpha 2 release of ServletContainer!

JeusEx looks almost like a real servlet-container now. :) Almost all methods in servlets' 2.2 spec are working (still not implemented real i18n yet).

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-08-13

Alpha release of servlet container

Alpha release of servlet container complaint with 2.2 spec is ready for download. JeusEx can proudly call itself Application server now. :)

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-06-22

JeusEx is getting a servlet container

Today the very first set of alfa tests produced a success - the first servlet (HelloWorld, of course) made it through its lifecycle. I'm going to release alpha version this weekend.

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-06-21

Release 1.11 is out - I18N has come!

Now you can choose character set into which JeusEx will decode all incoming requests. If your code page is not en-us it's your lucky day!

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-06-15

Release 1.1 is out. Next release -SOAP!

Release 1.1 with full support for persistent connections is out. I though about adding basic authentication to the next release but altough is pretty easy to do I don't see much use of it. (If somebody wants it - send me a meesage.) So it looks like SOAP and WDSL are better choices to satisfy my curiosity and help out other people. Release 2.0 will support XML-RPC in the form of JAXRPC API.

Posted by Anton V. Goldberg 2002-06-12

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