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JEuclid 3.1.7 released

Here is another release of JEuclid 3.1.7. Most notable changes:

* Bugfixes in the display of mo (stretchy=false), mglyph (if subelement of other element) mmultiscript (with whitespace) mfence (with empty fence)
* Added a basic SWT component
* A JEuclid rendering of the MathML 3 testsuite is now available at:

A full list of changes can be found at.

Posted by Max Berger 2009-09-11

JEuclid 3.1.6 Released!

I am proud to present JEuclid 3.1.6, after a long time yet another mainanance release.

Most notable changes:
- Better integration with other projects: support for OSGi and NetBeans
- Added a simple editor for MathViewer
- Added a Win32 Mathviewer executable to the released files.

See for a full list of changes

Posted by Max Berger 2009-07-16

JEuclid 3.1.5 released!

This Release contains:

* More Bug Fixes
* Get MathML element from Mouse Position
* Source View in MathViewer

Posted by Max Berger 2009-03-20

JEuclid 3.1.4 released!

The JEuclid team is pleased to announce the JEuclid 3.1.4 release!

JEuclid is a complete MathML rendering solution, consisting of a MathViewer
application, Command line converters from MathML to other formats, an ant
task for autmated conversion, Display components for AWT and Swing and a
component for Apache Cocoon

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o Added Regression tests for testsuite. ... read more

Posted by Max Berger 2009-01-05

JEuclid 3.1.3 Released

Yet another bugfix release

* Mml2xxx: Commandline conversion was broken in some cases
* FOP: Better compatibility with other Plugins
* Compatibility fix for running JEuclid with SAXON

For a full list of changes see

Posted by Max Berger 2008-09-24

JEuclid 3.1.2 Released

Here is another bugfix release for the current JEuclid trunk series. Some of the most notable changes are:

* Mml2xx: support multi-file conversion
* FOP-Plugin: Support for font-family from context
* Several rendering bugfixes

For a full list of changes see

Posted by Max Berger 2008-07-30

JEuclid 3.1.1 Released

JEudlid 3.1.1 is now released!

After two month of bugfixes, it is time to release a new development version of JEuclid. Most notable fixes:

- The internal DOM model is now based on the generic DOM Model of Batik to improve compatiblity.
- The FOP plugin provides better integreation with inline MathML
- Many internal code cleanups.
- Thread safety is now part of the development process!

A complete list of changes is available at:... read more

Posted by Max Berger 2008-06-01

Jeuclid 3.1.0 released!

This is the first release of the current development (trunk) branch. It includes:

* a completely rewritten layout engine
* many performance improvements
* many rendering improvements
* preliminary content math support
* better font support with full unicode high-plane support
* compatibility with fop 0.95 beta and the upcoming 0.95
* copy/paste support in mathviewer

The API is has changed and is still to be considered unstable.... read more

Posted by Max Berger 2008-04-04

JEuclid 3.0.3 released

Here is another bugfix release. Noteworthy are:

* Better support for attributes without namespaces.
* Fix for an incompatibility with certain Xerces versions
* Better font support
* Fixed BMP and JPG output.

Please see

for a list of changes.

Posted by Max Berger 2008-02-20

JEuclid 3.0.2 Released

This is another bugfix release for issues which where detected with 3.0.1. It is recommended for all users.

Posted by Max Berger 2007-12-12

JEuclid 3.0.1 Released.

With the bug reports flowing in after the stable release, a maintenance release was in order.

This release also contains the MathML plugin for the upcoming fop 0.94 version. Please note that JEuclid requires JDK 1.5 or higher.

Please see for a list of changes

Posted by Max Berger 2007-08-22

JEuclid 3.0 Released!

JEuclid 3.0 Released!

JEuclid is a complete MathML rendering solution. After being dormant for a while, the project has picked up development again and we are now able to provide a new major release.

JEuclid 3.0 consists of:
- An MathML viewer application
- Command line converters from MathML to other image formats, including JPEG, BMP, WBMP, GIF, SVG, EMF, PDF, PS, SWF
- An ant task for automated conversion
- Java display components for AWT and Swing
- A FO preprocessor application to support MathML in xsl-fo renderers... read more

Posted by Max Berger 2007-08-15

Jeuclid 2.9.8 (3.0RC) Released

Announcing JEuclid 2.9.8 aka 3.0 RC: We're almost there: The new Release is just around the corner!

There have been few bugfixes to the core module, but most of the work has been gone into the support:

- FOP support is actively being worked on with patches submitted to FOP to allow for better integration
- a XXE plugin ( ) adds support for MathML in XXE
- a new FOPREP application can now be used to prepare XSL-FO files by replacing all instream MathML with SVG codes and adding the correct baseline-shift, to allow proper rendering of MathML in XSL-FO applications wihout MathML support.

Posted by Max Berger 2007-07-05

JEuclid 2.9.7 (3.0-Beta2) released

In the spirit of getting closer to 3.0, the JEuclid team is proud to announce the release of JEuclid 2.9.7, aka 3.0beta2. As promised, the external API is fully compatible with 2.9.6, and will stay stable until the 3.0 release.

Some of the most notable changes:

- compatibility improvements in Swing component: It behaves more like a "standard" swing component.
- split up into smaller modules to allow better selection of required components.
- batik for SVG support is now optional.
- Two distributions: a "minimal" distribution (approx. 600k) without extra image converters, and a "complete" distribution (approx. 3300k) with extra image converters
- support for new output formats: EMF, GIF, PDF, PS, SWF through the help of FreeHEP
- an updated plug-in for fop 0.93
- numerous bugfixes which improve stability and rendering quality.... read more

Posted by Max Berger 2007-05-25

JEuclid 2.9.6 (3.0-Beta1) released

This release has had a lot of refactoring. Many elements have moved and been renamed. All internal coordinates have been changed to use "float" instead of int. Please update your code accordingly.

The good news is that the refactoring is done, and therefore the API WILL REMAIN STABLE until 3.0. No existing public functionality will be removed! There may be some deprecations before 3.0, but this is not anticipated! It is now time to update JEuclid referencing projects, such as the FOP-Plugin.... read more

Posted by Max Berger 2007-04-23

JEuclid 2.9

JEuclid is back.

Since there have been no official releases in the last two years I decided to add some documentation and clean up JEuclid to prepare new releases.

This is the first beta version for JEUclid 3. JEuclid 3 will be an all-purpose MathML display solution.

Please note: The interface is still subject to change before the final release.

Posted by Max Berger 2006-08-07

Release 2.0

After a long silence I managed to upgrade the package
to Apache Cocoon 2.1.4. Also a new version of the W3C
Testsuite is integrated.
Within the testsuite the MathML fragments can converted
to GIF Images, SVG, FO and PDF files.

Posted by Stephan Michels 2004-03-01

Project needs a new maintainer!

What else can I say, I don't have enought time
to maintain the project. So if you are interested?!

Posted by Stephan Michels 2003-01-14

JEuclid project launched

The project JEuclid started at SF. The project create the
possibility to render MathML content in WWW using
the Apache Cocoon as publishing framework.

Posted by Stephan Michels 2002-01-25

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